‘Ms. Information’ in Cinemas Now

After premiering at Whānau Mārama NZIFF this year, Ms. Information, directed by Gwen Isaac (DEGANZ), is now playing in cinemas nationwide.

The feature documentary is a visceral and intimate look into the life of the polarising, pink-haired microbiologist, Siouxsie Wiles, during her two years of public appearances around COVID-19. In March 2020, Gwen found herself in Siouxsie’s house as she stepped into the public eye and spoke out about the impending pandemic. What followed is the story of a mother and scientist who became a celebrity during extraordinary times.

The film has an all-woman team behind it, rare especially in the documentary space. Gwen shared with DEGANZ how important it is for her to support women in creative leadership positions in Aotearoa. She said:

So many of our New Zealand stories are totally cinematic and I hope that there are women directors coming up through the ranks – and being given opportunities –  to develop the skillsets to ensure our taonga are seen on the big screen. I did a lot of the filming for Ms. Information on my own […]. Sometimes the situation required crew and I did my utmost to find women soundies and DP’s to help engender the vibe I was going for, ideal for a film with a feminist Kaupapa.

You can check if Ms. Information is coming to a theatre near you here.

Last updated on 9 November 2023