‘Motherhood’ Out on Mother’s Day

TVNZ’s newest anthology series, Motherhood, drops this Mother’s Day, with mahi from DEGANZ members Michelle Ang (2020 Incubator), Jack Brown, Ankita Singh, and Calvin Sang.

The series features five different stories across a range of genres and is inspired by the Māori, Pasifika, Pan-Asian, and LGBTIA+ communities of Aotearoa, all unified by the theme of motherhood.


Directed by Michelle Ang

Edited by Jack Brown

Torn between ambition and parenthood, a career-driven mother enlists an Artificially Maternal Android Helper to raise her son in accordance with traditional Malaysian-Chinese values. When the nanny judges the woman to be an unfit mother, she must fight for her family and her sanity.

Give Me Babies

Written by Ankita Singh

Directed by Calvin Sang

Meet Ari, a late 20-something MMA fighter living with her parents. Her coach and mum, Mei, has put her on a strict dating regime to find the perfect partner so she can have a baby while her eggs are in peak condition. The only problem is Ari doesn’t want kids. Rather than break her mother’s heart, Ari spins a web of lies and enters an illegal MMA fight to win enough cash to escape to Thailand. Obviously, things don’t really go according to plan…

Catch Motherhood on TVNZ+ 11 May.

Last updated on 9 May 2024