More ‘n00b’ to Come

Popular TikTok series n00b, co-created and directed by DEGANZ member Victoria Boult (Incubator 2023), is heading to ThreeNow and Three as a new comedy series. According to the NZ on Air media release, Great Southern Television has received up to $1,499,541 to bring the series to fruition.

The show originated on the short form video social media via the Every Voice initiative between NZ on Air, Screen Australia, and TikTok. Since its release in August 2022, it has garnered over 1.5 million TikTok views across its twelve parts.

The anthology series follows teens in Aotearoa in the early 2000s as they venture into the unknown territories of sex, relationships, and the internet. Each episode is chock full of the decade’s iconic aesthetics and harks back to online video chat rooms, making mixtapes, and embracing your inner emo.


n00b: Fanfiction Smut Part 1 🍆💦 Made with the support of NZ On Air

♬ original sound – n00b

The TV series will differ slightly, following a group of adolescent outcasts in small-town New Zealand as they attempt to cope with life through the internet and its newly invented social media.

Congrats Victoria! We can’t wait to see how the show evolves and grows.

Last updated on 8 June 2023