Moas Announces Nominees

The Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards, aka the Moas, has announced the nominees for 2017. Up for consideration are 19 drama features, 9 documentary features and 12 short films. We are particularly excited to see so many DEGNZ members being recognised for their work. A massive congrats to all our members and best of luck!




Best Documentary Editor
Francis Glenday (POI E)
Simon Coldrick (Tickled)
Tim Woodhouse (25 April)

Best Documentary Director
Leanne Pooley (25 April)

Best Doco
25 April
POI E: The Story of Our Song



Best Film
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
The Rehearsal

Best Editor
Luke Haigh (Hunt for the Wilderpeople; Turbo Kid)
Tom Eagles (Hunt for the Wilderpeople)
Jonno Woodford-Robinson (The Rehearsal; Mahana)

Best Television Feature
Bombshell (Ed. Bryan Shaw)
Venus and Mars (Ed. Bryan Shaw)
Jean (Dir. Rob Sarkies, Ed. Peter Roberts)
How to Murder Your Wife (Ed. Bryan Shaw)

Best Self Funded Film
Stars in Her Eyes (Dir. Athina Tsoulis)
The Great Maiden’s Blush (Prod. Isobel Mebus & Jeremy Macey, Ed. Annie Collins)



Best Short Film 
Madam Black (Dir. Ivan Barge)
Wait (Dir. Yamin Tun)
Linda’s List (Dir. Angela Bloomfield)
Feeder (Ed. Jonno Woodford-Robinson)

Best Self-funded Short Film
Every Moment (Dir. Gabriel Reid)
Accidents, Blunders and Calamities (Dir. James Cunningham)
Food For Thought (Ed. Annie Collins, starring Nathalie Boltt)

Best Short Film Actress 
Angela Bloomfield (Linda’s List)

Last updated on 21 February 2018