Millie Lies Low, Lying Low No More!


Feature film Millie Lies Low, directed by Guild member Michelle Savill (DEGANZ Incubator 2018), will be hitting cinema screens around the country on September 29!

Millie Lies Low screened internationally at renowned festivals, including NZIFF, Berlinale, SXSW, Māoriland, Sydney, Melbourne and Edinburgh. The team is excited to bring the film back home for Aotearoa audiences to enjoy.

The film follows anxiety-ridden Millie who, after a moment of panic, misses her flight from Wellington to her internship at a prestigious architecture firm in New York. When she doesn’t have enough money to buy another ticket and can’t face the shame of telling her friends and family, she hatches a plan.

As she hunts for another ticket, Millie lies low in her hometown and uses her wits and carefully crafted social media posts to convince everyone that she is successfully living it up in NYC. As the facade begins to crumble and options run out, she resorts to taking increasingly desperate measures to stay afloat.

You can catch Millie Lies Low in a theatre near you on September 29.

Last updated on 8 September 2022