Members’ Films Feature in Latest Season of Loading Docs

The latest Loading Docs season titled The Power of Emotion has been released on the Loading Docs website. Eight short documentaries make up the collection, including films made by DEGANZ members Sophie Black, Harry Wynn, Ashley Pitman, Rajneel Singh, and Vea Mafile`o.

Sophie Black directed Believing is Seeing, which explores the mysterious phenomenon of mass psychogenic illness. With the help of Dr. Robert Bartholomew, this short discovers the effect of technological advancement on our brains–Is social media making us sick?

Believing Is Seeing Directed by Sophie Black

Harry Wynn directed Shred, which follows male bodybuilders as they prepare for a local competition. Pushing the pursuit of looking good to the extreme, these young men deal with the pressure of social media as they try to achieve an unattainable physique.

Shred Directed by Harry Wynn

Ashley Pitman directed The E Blacks follows kiwi video gamers as they fight for the chance to represent their country at the Commonwealth Games. For the first time ever, Esports will be included in a major international sporting event and the pressure is on to level up for the event. The E Blacks was produced by The Unkindness (Rajneel Singh and Annamarie Connors).

The E Blacks Directed by Ashley Pitman & Produced by The Unkindness (Rajneel Singh and Annamarie Connors)

Vea Mafile`o produced Beneath the Surface, which follows a world champion swimmer as she prepares for the Commonwealth Games. Revealing hidden truths about her experiences and motivations, the short is as much about equality as it is about the pool.

Beneath The Surface Produced by Vea Mafile`o

Co-founded by DEGANZ member Julia Parnell, Loading Docs is a unique initiative that produces short documentaries that captivate and inspire audiences locally and internationally, while developing and promoting New Zealand filmmaking talent.

Last updated on 3 November 2022