McGill Seeking Support for ‘FARM’ on Boosted

DEGANZ member Kate McGill is seeking support for her short film’s Boosted campaign.

Inspired by a dream Kate had nearly ten years ago, FARM is about Jeanie, an elderly woman who believes her late husband has been reincarnated as a cow on her farm. While Jeanie is deeply connected to her farm, her family thinks it’s time she moves into an aged care facility. But she isn’t ready to let go of her home, life, or husband.

The film grapples with love, loss, and slipping memories. Kate delves into the bonds we form with a place, loved one, home, and everything we do to stay connected when we are being left behind. The film will be slow, cheeky, and dark, but finds gentle comedic moments.

This will be Kate’s first short film, which she shares feels deeply personal as the project’s writer and director. She has recently stepped into directing after working primarily as a professional actor and casting director. In 2022, she made her TV directing debut with Raised by Refugees, an award-winning comedy series available to watch on Neon.

Funds from the Boosted campaign will help cover insurance, onset catering, paying cast and crew, locations, and post-production costs.

You can help bring Kate’s (literal) dream to life by supporting the Boosted campaign. You can donate here or support Kate and the team by spreading the word to your friends and whānau!

Last updated on 13 September 2023