‘Ka Whawhai Tonu’ Tells Aotearoa’s History Through a Māori Lens

The highly anticipated Ka Whawhai Tonu – Struggle Without End is out now in cinemas nationwide! DEGANZ member Tim Worrall wrote the screenplay while current board member Te Rurehe Paki and fellow member Martin Brinkler ACE edited the film.

The action feature recreates the historical battle of O-Rākau, told from the Māori point of view for the first time on screen. Set in 1864 in Waikato, the film tells the story of a pivotal battle in the first land wars between Māori and Colonial forces through the eyes of two teenagers. Amidst the chaos and violence of the conflict, the two forge an unlikely friendship and take control of their destiny.

In an article with Stuff, director Mike Jonathan comments,

Making films about our past and especially the battles that happened, it’s about honouring those of the past and how else can you do it than making a movie to immortalise our tīpuna? […] It’s all about ‘ka whawhai tonu’ – to keep fighting, and we do that every day.”

Congratulations to Tim, Te Rurehe, Martin, and the rest of the team on the successful premiere!

You can catch Ka Whawhai Tonu at a cinema near you.

Last updated on 4 July 2024