‘K Road Chronicles’ – a Celebration of the Human Spirit

K’ Road Chronicles is back for a third groundbreaking season with DEGANZ member Benjamin Murray on board as assistant editor.

The web series amplifies the voices of the homeless and impoverished in Aotearoa. It all started with transgender journalist Six, who publishes a street newspaper of the same name that shares the authentic stories of people living on Auckland’s Karangahape Road. She has since taken these stories to the screen with the docu-series. She interviews ‘streeties’ and tells their stories through a uniquely empathic lens, as she was homeless herself and called K’ Road home for many years.

Since the series’ inception in 2019, when Six wanted to explore how COVID-19 impacted people living on the streets, the show has amassed great success. While season one was produced using the NZOA minority interest fund, later seasons (still made with the support of NZOA) are presented with Stuff, bringing these stories to a more mainstream and wider audience. Yet, the show does not shy away from the taboo when discussing the realities of homelessness. Six unabashedly dives into topics of drug use and abuse, poverty, sex work, inequality, and social justice.

This season, audiences meet Raymond, a former gang enforcer who turned his life around by helping others, and Danielle, who started feeding the hungry while she was homeless. The show catches up with Mickey the Rat, a former drug dealer and addict living in a cemetery. The show also highlights efforts to ease the lives of the homeless. Episode one looks at how Orange Sky, an Australian charity, provides mobile shower and laundry services to rough sleepers.

Six writes in a Stuff article,

In this third season, K’ Road Chornicles goes even deeper, bringing forth informative, suprising, touching, and captivating stories.

Watch as season three premieres on Stuff now!

Last updated on 31 August 2023