Journey Back in Time with Passengers

Documentary filmmaker Kim Webby (DEGANZ) explores untold stories through TVNZ’s new show Passengers.

The docuseries takes viewers back in time through the hardships and triumphs of some of Aotearoa’s earliest Anglo-Indian, Cook Island, Chinese, and Bohemian settlers.

Each episode uncovers the backstories of four immigrants, examining their lives before and after their arrival in Aotearoa. Descendants of the immigrants, who often undergo emotional journeys as the stories unfold, are an integral part of the show.

Passengers take’s its name from beginning each story with the passenger list from the boat that brought them to New Zealand.

Kim brings her own unique view to the stories in Passengers, being born in New Zealand and raised in te ao Pākeha and te ao Māori, with half Chinese whakapapa.

Congrats Kim on getting another great series to air!

You can watch episode 1 on TVNZ+ now.

Last updated on 16 February 2023