‘Joey’s Heart’ Travels to London

Joey’s Heart, directed by Louise Lever (DEGANZ), will have its world premiere at the British Film Institute (BFI) Flare LGBTQIA+ Film Festival in London this month! The short will play on 19 March in the One Night Only collection, a programme of stories where big things happen at night, changing the characters’ lives by the morning. Louise is travelling to the UK to attend the screening and introduce her film at BFI Southbank cinema.

The titular character, Joey, is a self-proclaimed ‘gay Bridget Jones’ and rapidly losing hope that she will ever find her special someone. Then she meets Alice at the local community comedy club, and suddenly she thinks maybe her luck will change.

In other exciting news for Louise, her documentary Revolt She Said is screening at the Lido on 12 March to commemorate International Women’s Day this year.

Watch the Joey’s Heart trailer in anticipation of the world premiere, and don’t forget to catch Revolt She Said in cinemas on 12 March!

Last updated on 2 March 2023