Jaspers Spreads Feel-Good Moments in Milk and New Project, The Polycees

DEGANZ member Celia Jasper’s short film Milk launched online on 29 August after a hugely successful festival run! With 98 international selections (including the Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts International Film Festival), 56 nominations, and 42 awards under its belt, Celia is excited to finally make this mahi accessible as a thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.

Milk is a true labour of love. Inspired by the shift towards kindness she saw in her small town of Martinborough, Celia channelled these sentiments into a small but powerful moment where a young girl forgoes her hard-earned treats at the local dairy to help an elderly gentleman.

Celia credits the film’s community efforts, generosity of industry crew and suppliers, and wide success to its universal message of compassion. She believes that sometimes, “We just need to feel something nice for a change.”

Currently, Celia continues to follow these feel-good moments in her new project, The Polycees, a tongue-in-cheek political comedy-drama starring Cohen Holloway, Jed Brophy, and puppets! The high-concept family short is shooting in Wellington this September.

Congratulations to Celia and the team for the fantastic success on Milk, and we look forward to seeing The Polycees come to life!

Watch Milk here

Last updated on 8 September 2022