IndieGo-Go Support the ‘Cookies and Cream’ Crowdfunding Campaign

DEGANZ member Arka Gupta is looking for crowdfunding support for his upcoming short film, Cookies and Cream.

The film peeks into the lives of Phoebe, a five-year-old experiencing the early stages of hearing loss, and Rachel, her young working mother. While trying to balance a turbulent home life as the family’s sole provider, Rachel struggles to accept her daughter’s disability. However, when Phoebe is able to find human connection through unspoken gestures, Rachel comes to accept her daughter’s condition, realising that it won’t prevent her from living a full life.

Through exploring childhood deafness and the challenges and stigmas that surround it, the story aims to raise awareness. Arka, the project’s writer and director, is dedicated to authentically representing Phoebe’s disability. With the help of Deaf Children NZ, the production team ran a nationwide audition search for young actors to play Pheobe and her friend, Madelyn.

The production has received some support from the Palmerston North city council, which has helped cover location and gear rental costs. However, they need help for the final stretch. Through crowdfunding, they aim to cover the costs of on-set catering, artist kohas, post-production, and ongoing fees.

If you are able to help bring this story to life, you can visit the IndieGoGo page. You can also follow their socials on Instagram and Facebook.

Best of luck to Arka and the Cookies and Cream team!

Last updated on 26 June 2023