‘I Stand For Consent’ – McClymont’s Catalyst for Change

DEGANZ member and advocate for comprehensive consent education, Liv McClymont‘s short documentary I Stand For Consent premieres on World Sexual Health Day. Perfectly enough, this year’s theme is consent.

Motivated by a survey exposing the extent of sexual harassment and harm at her former high school, Liv returns to amplify the students’ call for change. Through interviews with students, principals, experts, and even Liv’s own mother, the doc exemplifies the urgent need for compulsory consent education in schools.

Despite the heavy topic, Olivia aims to discuss sexual harm with a sense of hope and empowerment. In her director’s statement, she says,

As someone who lives with the trauma of sexual harm, it was important to me that this flm focussed on the way forward, rather than dwelling on the disheartening reality of the issue. I wanted to create a film that survivors could watch with pride and that would inspire change in our communities. And, rather than just spreading awareness – I wanted to take action.

The creators behind I Stand For Consent present the film as a rallying cry for change. They provoke viewers to think about how sexual harm is normalised in society and show the steps forward. It calls upon us all to support the quest for better sexual violence prevention, inspiring a safer future for generations to come.

The doc was commissioned through Series 7 of Someday Stories, an annual collection of social and sustainability-focused short films made by emerging creatives in Aotearoa.

Watch the doc on socials and RNZ from 4 September.

Last updated on 31 August 2023