Help Bring ‘Strangers’ to Life

DEGANZ member James Fink-Jensen is seeking support for his new short film’s Boosted campaign. To bring Strangers to life, the team needs to raise $8,000 and only has 26 days left in their campaign to do so.

The five-minute short dwells in the nervous pressure of making that first impression on a date. Protagonist Nigel “Mr Wrong” Wilson, a young and awkward journalist, sure knows how to make a lasting impression. From Nigel to Darcy Owens, the cafe waitress who balances a plate on one arm and impatience on the other, to antagonist Felix Green, part-time bartender, part-time menace, the colourful cast of characters are all propelled on a rollercoaster of their own. But really, how much could go wrong in just five minutes?

James sits at the helm of this project as director, producer, editor, and writer. He attributes Table Reads as an integral part of the development of Strangers and thanks DEGANZ members Vice President Steven Chow and ex-Vice President Gabriel Reid for their guidance and support throughout this process. He has also brought other DEGANZ members on board, with Guillame Arnoulet as 1AD and Kevin Luck as sound recordist.

It’s always great to see our members utilise the DEGANZ community and resources to their advantage. Best of luck to James and co. on the Boosted campaign!

You can support the project by donating to the Boosted here.