Get a Load(ing Docs) of This

Loading Docs is back for its 10th season, with DEGANZ members at the helm of half of the selected documentaries.

Through the development initiative, participants receive extensive guidance and mentorship, helping them to produce short documentaries with international appeal. The programme helps participants enhance their skills in story development, fundraising, documentary production and editing, audience engagement, and marketing and distribution.

Loading Docs provides each project with $10,000 and a post-production package at the Department of Post. In addition to this support, each team must raise $5,000 on Boosted to unlock further funding and support from the initiative.

This year’s theme is Attention – Te Kimihanga, Te Hahaunga. Check out the DEGANZ member’s projects below or see the full list of films here.

Hope in the Stars

Zoologist-turned-filmmaker, Alexis Smith, is on a quest for extraterrestrial contact in Aotearoa. She seeks answers on her personal quest for existential truth and hope for a world teetering on the edge. But what shadows will she encounter to get there?

Director: Alexis Smith

Producer: Harry Wynn


Hihi Ulu

Approaching his tenth birthday, Luka faces a Niuean rite of passage: his first haircut in a hifi ulu ceremony, marking a tender crossroad of culture and autonomy.

Director: Chantelle Burgoyne (Incubator 2018)


The Man Outside

Abandoned by the law, a woman’s flatmates struggle to protect her from a relentless stalker, forcing them all to become the protagonists in a real-life thriller.

Director: Liv McClymont


Last updated on 11 April 2024