Feature Film Scripts Supported Through Table Reads 2021


Each year we are delighted to support writers and directors with their feature film scripts through Table Reads, a joint initiative brought to you by DEGANZ and the New Zealand Writers Guild. Following a successful virtual run in 2020, we held this year’s Table Reads online, allowing members and actors from across the country to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

We saw four exceptional virtual table reads held between May and November. We would like to give a special shout out to this year’s selection:

Persistence – writer/director Rebecca Tansley.
Actors: Kirsty Hamilton, Ella Hope-Higginson, Kirsty Bruce, Caleb Wells, Maté Lagae, and Chantal Claret.

Before the Darkness – writer/director Alex Galvin.
Actors: Tim Carlsen, Helen Murphy-Reid, Tai Berdinner-Blades, Frith Horan, and Mark Clare.

Escape – writer Daryl Belbin, director Anton Steel.
Actors: Grant Beban, Stephen Lyell, Tim Carlson, James Crompton, Jodie Hillock, and Stephen Papps.

Tamada – writer/director Tim Tsiklauri.
Actors: Hilary Norris, Hamish Boyle, Jamie Irvine, Maté Lagae, and Jo Clark.

Well done to everyone involved and all the best with your projects!

Last updated on 18 January 2022