Duckworth’s Short Rom-Com Seeks Support

The team behind Just Kidding, I Actually Love You, a bittersweet romantic comedy, is seeking support for their Boosted crowdfunding campaign.

In this autobiographical short, co-written and directed by member Anna Duckworth (DEGANZ Incubator 2019), we follow Sophie, a runaway fiancée who returns home to win her ex back with a surprise romantic gesture. Confronted with evidence that he’s happier without her, and the disturbing realisation she might be the asshole, she must decide between her selfish fantasy or his happiness.

Just Kidding, I Actually Love You will be a satisfying rollick that ends in a gut-punch and a pat on the head, leaving audiences in bittersweet introspection.

Help bring Anna’s vision and whacky story to life! Learn more about the project and donate here.

Last updated on 10 February 2022