DEGANZ President Robyn Paterson continues her work as series producer and additional director for the second season of Down for Love. The Attitude Pictures series recently received funding from NZOA for five more 44-minute episodes for TVNZ.

Down for Love has earned its place in the hearts of many as it celebrates disability and neurodiversity. It follows six Kiwis with Down Syndrome as they search for love and romance. In an interview with The Spinoff, Robyn explains, “We wanted to do something in the area of love and relationships because there are significant barriers for people living with disabilities”. She describes that the production utilised more documentary-style storytelling “so that it could go beyond just entertainment”.

Season 1 earned praise for bringing attention to the untold romantic stories of people with Down Syndrome. While still falling into the match-making reality TV genre, the show’s dedication to research exemplifies its intention of facilitating genuine connections between the people on the show. Consequently, the relationship success rate post-show is much higher than its counterparts.

Additionally, Attitude has dedicated resources to fostering more diversity behind the scenes, mentoring and helping grow the careers of people who live with disabilities. This attention to inclusivity both in front of and behind the camera garnered the show’s support from the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association (NZDSA). Attitude and NZDSA collaborated throughout production, ensuring the show portrayed truthful and accurate representation.

We look forward to the release of season 2!

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Last updated on 27 July 2022