DocEdge Superhero Annie Goldson

DEGANZ member Annie Goldson has been chosen as this year’s Doc Edge ‘Superhero’. The ‘Documentary Superhero’ is a yearly title honouring those who contributed significantly to the industry. 

Festival director Alex Lee comments that the ‘superhero’ inspires others in the industry and works hard to achieve excellence. He adds, “Annie’s work is exemplary in its authenticity and humanity and shows New Zealand filmmakers the way to tell and the importance of universal storytelling. They are called not by the fame or the fortune but rather are driven by the necessity to bring these stories to the world.”

Annie directed over 12 films and is best known for Punitive Damage, Georgie Girl, Brother Number One, Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, and A Mild Touch of Cancer. Her latest film Red Mole: A Romance is in post-production. 

In her interview with the University of Auckland, Annie discussed how honoured she feels and what to look out for in the festival. When asked about her film recommendations from this year’s programme, she mentioned her teaching career at the University. She says the festival is so broad and rich that some would be perfect for teaching in her courses.

She made her selection of both national and international films:

Congratulations, Annie!

Last updated on 25 May 2023