Dig Into Sik Fan Lah!

DEGANZ member Jack Woon wore many hats while making new TVNZ docuseries Sik Fan Lah! as writer, director, and editor.

The titular Cantonese phrase translates to “It’s time to eat!”, announcing not only that food is ready but that it’s time to come together to share a meal. The six-episode show celebrates Chinese cuisine and its strong link to how Chinese identity is formed in modern-day New Zealand. The show takes viewers up and down the country to share various dishes and stories that define much of Kiwi-Chinese culture and identity. The diversity of meals shared reflects the myriad histories, origins, and languages of the Pan-Asian community here in Aotearoa. The show celebrates these differences, highlighting that there is no one definition of Chinese food and identity.

In an interview with The Spinoff, Jack discussed the importance of authentically representing Asian experience in Aotearoa by balancing trauma and joy. He confides that it was a deliberate decision to create such a celebratory show to represent Chinese New Zealanders positively.

Congratulations, Jack and the team, on this labour of love!

Watch Sik Fan Lah! on TVNZ+ now.

Last updated on 15 February 2023