DEGNZ Members Take Show Me Shorts

We’re excited to see that the 16th annual Show Me Shorts Film Festival programme, just announced, is bursting with our members’ work! You will find a list of them below and be able to catch these great films at the Festival in October.

June – editor Peter Roberts

Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates in the following 24 hours. This one day for the couple holds raw despair, unleashing carnal natures but a transcendent occurrence offers them the hope of new life.

Milk – director/editor Celia Jaspers

When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

Bear with Me – producer Scott Flyger

A support group of toys come together and talk about their traumatic experiences with children. The group’s core belief is challenged by new member Stitch, who comes from a home with problems of its own.

Edamame – producer Roberto Nascimento

A tourist has a big night out in Tokyo and a LSD trip with a gorgeous local girl. It is a night to remember. Only problem is, he can’t. He turns for help from the most unexpected friends to uncover what happened.

These films were created by DEGNZ members and familiar faces from our Emerging Women Filmmakers Incubator.

Sixteen – director/writer/editor Nahyeon Lee (Incubator 2021), produced by fellow member Julie Zhu

With an unplanned pregnancy and a strained relationship with her mother, life is not the K-pop fantasy Yaejin dreams of.

Green – director/writer Rachel Ross (Incubator 2020), editor Ben Chesters

An estranged father and daughter, both with life-altering illnesses, smoke marijuana together for the first time and it becomes healing in more ways than one.

Heart to Heart – director/writer/producer Lauren Porteous (Incubator 2018)

A prisoner’s only chance of escape is to become BFFs with the unpredictable woman holding her hostage.

Blood & Gold (pictured) – director Yamin Tun (Incubator 2016), editor Brendon Chan (Drama Editor Attachment alumnus)

New Zealand, 1861. Man’s hunt for gold is feverish. Through the snow-capped mountains a woman flees on horseback. When she encounters a horrific scene, she makes a decision which will alter the course of two lives…

Last updated on 21 September 2021