DEGANZ Strikes the Clock on TikTok

When it was least expected, DEGANZ went for it… we are proud to present our brand-new TikTok account. Join us to hear about the latest DEGANZ news, events, and workshops, all while enjoying some funny memes (we promise).


#CapCut wanna learn more about SIWA? Come to one of our huis 🫶 (l!nk !n b!0)

♬ original sound – Directors & Editors Guild NZ

What people (the marketing team mainly) say about our TikTok:

  • A place to unwind, plus something worth keeping an eye on.
  • 10/10 for that Office meme.
  • The marketing manager sure knows their job!
  • Followed yesterday and never regretted.
  • Can’t wait for more SIWA Hui memes!

wanna enjoy this feeling? sign up to be a member at the 🔗 in our insta b!0 #deganz #nzdirectors #nzfilm #nz #fyp #abcxyz #meme

♬ Ill do it – 2000s☆

Content warning: Only hilarious, DEGANZ-oriented content.

“We wish we discovered them earlier…” – Weekly Entertainment (if they followed)


Last updated on 13 April 2023