DEGANZ Members Flourish with Seed Grants

Congrats to the DEGANZ members selected for the first 2023 round of the New Zealand Writers Guild’s (NZWG) Seed Grants! Pulkit Arora (DEGANZ) and Joseph J. U. Taylor (DEGANZ) are two of the six Seed Grant recipients. Fellow members Hweiling Ow (Incubator 2021) and Rouzie Hassanova are the two Seed Advanced Grant recipients.

NZWG offers these grants to writers for the opportunity to be innovative and write a feature they believe in. While the Seed Grant is for emerging and unproduced writers, Seed Advanced acknowledges experienced writers by offering a larger grant and more flexibility around development costs.

Applications are judged through a blind-read process against the three criteria of idea, craft, and voice. This process ensures that the projects selected tell a compelling story and have an audience. It also determines if the writers have a clear and original voice and can turn their idea into a strong screenplay. This round’s judges panel featured Karol Griffiths, Briar Grace-Smith, Victor Rodger, and Nicole Dade.

Check out the projects that DEGANZ members will be working on with the grants:


Pulkit Arora


Away from his home in India for the first time, a teenage boy spends a month learning to be a man from his domineering elder brother in New Zealand. But will his tenderness survive the transition to manhood?

Joseph J. U. Taylor

The Rider

A teenage woman flees her backwater village to become a daredevil rider on ‘The Wall of Death,’ but with international stardom within reach, tragedy strikes, forcing her home to the prospect of never riding again.


Hweiling Ow

Pohpoh Wants to Die

When a grandmother turbo charges her bucket list after her husband’s funeral, her highly strung daughter desperately tries to rein her in from the world of drugs, casual sex, and social media stardom.

Rouzie Hassanova


11 year old Sefa Hasan is struggling to find her feet in Aotearoa New Zealand, but in order to fit in, she needs to embrace her true self.

Last updated on 29 June 2023