DEGANZ Members Bring Fact and Fiction to FIFO

The International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival (FIFO) returns for its 21st run with multiple DEGANZ members’ work featured! Each year, the festival aims to celebrate and amplify the voices and cultures of Oceania on screens locally and worldwide. FIFO is also a pillar in film development in the Pacific, annually bringing filmmakers and key players in the international audiovisual industry together in Tahiti.

Competing Category

Only 10 films were selected for the festival’s main category. FIFO describes these films as ‘making up the very essence of the festival, showcasing both ‘the great diversity of Oceania [and] the technical quality of film productions in the region.’

Family Faith Footy – A Pasifika Rugby Story

Directed by Jeremiah Tauamiti (DEGANZ), this feature documentary offers unique insight into the stories of some of the most celebrated rugby players, inviting viewers into their daily lives. It’s a story about ‘small islands, big dreams, and the sacrifices made by many to produce some of the world’s greatest players.’

Non-Competing Category

A selection of complementary films, shedding new light and approaches on issues of the Pacific.

Ms Information

DEGANZ member Gwen Isaac takes on COVID’s impact on Aotearoa through the lens of non-conformist, pink-haired scientist Dr. Siouxsie Wiles. The film tracks Siouxsie’s trajectory from pre-pandemic times to her catapult into the limelight while advising Aotearoa on the growing health crisis. Viewers follow her ‘transition from a feminist icon to a target for violence and threats’ and how she presses forward with ferocity and heart.

14th Oceanian Fiction Night

Despite FIFO’s focus on documentary, the festival opened its screens to short fiction films in 2007. They showcase diversity, creativity, originality, traditions, and modernity within the region.

I am Paradise

Edited by Abi King-Jones (DEGANZ) and life member Annie Collins, this short follows Paradise, a young single mother ‘living on the bones of her ass’. With a boyfriend in prison and a mother who neglects her, she finds solace in the two people in the world who love her unconditionally: her children.


Written, directed, and edited by Board Member Celia Jaspers, this feel-good short celebrates a small act of kindness. When a young girl sees an elderly man unable to pay for his milk, she sacrifices her hard-earned treats at the local dairy to help him out.

The Polycees

Also from Celia, this short is a whimsical adventure of the secret world beneath Parliament. When the new Prime Minister’s daughter is left to explore her dad’s office, she discovers she isn’t alone when she meets the cheeky creature, Spooo.

Last updated on 31 January 2024