Feast Your Eyes on DEGANZ Members at Vision Feast 2023

DEGANZ members Sophie Black, James Fink-Jensen, Eva Fulco, and Brian Gill have been nominated at this year’s Vision Feast 2023. 

Vision Feast is an annual short film and music video festival that acknowledges filmmakers with a creative passion, technical skills, and what they call a ‘stroke of madness’. The festival accepts both domestic and international submissions. This year’s international entries are from the USA, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Canada, and Europe.

Vision Feast nominated Sophie’s project Believing is Seeing in two categories – Best Aotearoa Project and Best Documentary. The short film features Dr Robert Bartholomew who debunks myths about ‘psychogenic illness’, a stress response caused by social media. 

Strangers, a short directed by James, is nominated for the Emerging NZ Filmmaking Talent. The film explores the struggles of a young and awkward journalist to make a lasting impression on a first date. Despite hopes of a romantic cafe date, it unavoidably all goes wrong. From the unconfident protagonist to the impatient waitress, all the characters undergo an emotional roller coaster ride in just 5 minutes.

Brian’s short film Solitaire and Eva’s Buona Notte, Mio Amore are in the Best New Zealand Student Work category. Solitaire is about a lonely security guard who plays a card game only to witness the cards come alive to keep him company. Meanwhile, Buona Notte, Mio Amore explores a romance during World War II.

You can grab seats for the festival’s evening screening at Academy Cinemas in Auckland now. Congrats to the selected filmmakers!

Last updated on 8 June 2023