DEGANZ Members at Māoriland

Many DEGANZ members’ mahi have been selected to show during the 2024 Māoriland Film Festival!

This year marks the biggest one yet for the festival with 168 films and video works from over 130 Indigenous nations. The festival will take place in Ōtaki on the Kapiti Coast across five days in late March.

Congratulations to the members selected!


Directed by Douglas Brooks

An aspiring ornithologist is forced to process the loss of her grandmother while isolated in the South Island bush as she looks for the thought-to-be-extinct kokako bird.


Directed by Cian Elyse White

In 1923, Te Arawa was the first Māori woman to complete her doctorate at Oxford University in England. 100 years later, her granddaughter honours her by painting a 24ft mural in the heart of Rotorua CBD.

Lea Tupu’anga / Mother Tongue

Directed by Vea Mafile’o

Katherine, a young speech therapist of Tongan and European heritage lies about her Tongan language skills to get a job with an elderly Tongan patient who has lost his ability to speak English. When communication breaks down, Katherine must find a way to communicate with her patient or risk jeopardising his health and her career.

Inky Pinky Ponky

Co-directed by Ramon Te Wake

A young fakaleiti (Tongan trans woman) must navigate her way through the world of rugby players, Island mums, gender fluidity, and teenage micro-aggressions to find happiness in an unexpected place.

What’s the Disabili-Tea: Misty Frequency

Directed by Justin Scott (Board Member)

Co-produced by Robyn Paterson (Board President)

Misty Frequency is a non-binary, takatāpui, pansexual drag performer, fashion designer, and make-up artist living in Tāmaki Makaurau. As they prepare for a performance for Drag Wars, a drag competition with $500 on the line, they also process a new diagnosis for Autism.

Hey Brainy Man

Co-directed by Loren Taylor

Co-produced by Jaimee Poipoi (Incubator 2023)

A group of evolutionary losers give humankind a performance appraisal. They love Homo Sapiens’ achievements but want to make sure we don’t mess the world up too much in the process.

Maunga Cassino

Directed by Paolo Rotondo

A battle-hardened Māori soldier and an Italian deserter both find shelter in an abandoned stable in WWII Italy. Despite the circumstances they meet, the connection between the two is not lost.

Māori Time

Directed by Tim Worrall

While caught in a full-blown, alpha-male, mid-life crisis, Quinn has to confront his fear of death and abandonment when an ancient skull is unearthed by builders on the building site of his new grandiose house.

Daisy Does Lunch

Co-produced by Jaimee Poipoi (Incubator 2023)

An unsuspecting Danni is lured to a seemingly chill lunch with her social hockey teammates, only to find a messy intervention where each guest has their own agenda. Tensions rise, noses break, and friendships are tested when Danni has to ask herself if she’s really okay.


Check out the festival’s full schedule or watch the trailer for a sneak peek!

Last updated on 15 February 2024