DEGANZ Editor Takeover

Our editor members are always working away at something in the background. Two new NZOA series have just come out, featuring DEGANZ members.

In TransGenerations, edited by Jai Waite (DEGANZ) with additional editing by Charlotte Evans (DEGANZ) and fellow member Ramon Te Wake as Executive Producer, high-profile trans rights activists share their stories and shine a light on trans experiences in Aotearoa. The series opens with a look at how the increased media visibility of trans people has been both a blessing and a curse. The first episode focuses on actor and singer Brady Peeti, who shares how trans issues and rights are being championed like never before. However, she also shares her fears for trans people due to the influx of dangerous anti-trans rhetoric. With each episode, transgender Kiwis, young and old, tell their stories.

You can follow the video series’ release on NZME throughout July!

Meanwhile, DEGANZ member Kelly Weaver worked as assistant editor on Endangered Species Aotearoa with WWF. This new docu-series follows comedian Pax Assadi and conservationist biologist Nicola Toki across the country as they learn about the beautiful but vulnerable wildlife in Aotearoa and the South Pacific. The show offers a light-hearted look into the serious issue of endangered species and the conservationist work trying to help. WWF and the show aim to bring attention to how we can all help restore Aotearoa’s beloved wildlife all the way from the sky to the sea.

Check it out on TVNZ+ now!

Last updated on 20 July 2023