Boosted Campaign for Short Thriller The Push

Short thriller The Push, directed by DEGNZ member Kyan Krumdieck, is crowd-funding on Boosted. Director Kyan, writer Tom Sainsbury and their team are seeking a total of $12,000 in production funds. Now they have 11 days to make the remainder of their goal so they can start making their film.

Dan and Tash are on a long multi-day tramp in the remote Southern Alps. Near the end of one day, Tash has a terrible shock. Someone was just pushed off that cliff! But when Dan looks up all he sees is a distant figure. They rush to help the fallen person, but they can’t find any sign of anyone having fallen to their death.

Having only seen a distant silhouette man, and no other evidence to support what Tash says she saw, Dan’s doubts fester. It’s getting dark and he insists they continue to the hut for the night. There is a single man waiting for them. Tash is convinced they are in the company of a murderer, and Dan is forced to decide what he really thinks is going on.

The scabs are ripped off the couple’s fundamental problems, revealing how inaction and disbelief can make you complicit in something terrible.

The Push is a moody thriller about who you choose to believe and why.

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Last updated on 11 March 2021