Beings Being Better Beings in Comedy Web Series Self Help

DEGANZ member Michelle Ang explores the tumultuous journey of healing and self-improvement in the new comedy web series, Self Help, out now on YouTube! She and Rawiri Jobe directed four episodes each of the eight-part series, produced by Wrestler and made with the support of NZOA.

In the aftermath of a devastating break-up with his boyfriend, Nikau begrudgingly searches for healing through any means possible. After episode one, aptly titled Intervention, Nikau fumbles through the advice of his friends and whānau to get out of his heartbreak rut. From working out to pottery to chakra cleansing crystals, the series comedically unpacks the growing pains that stem from young heartache.

While this is Michelle’s first series directing gig, she has quickly proven herself as an acting and directing powerhouse. The Emmy-nominated actress for her role in Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 has also recently worked on Hair Now, a docuseries that explores the relationship between Pan-Asian women and hair.

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Last updated on 25 August 2022