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Come Together! Right Now!

The current fight to protect employee jobs going on at TVNZ by union E tū highlights the importance of unions in the New Zealand screen industry, and the importance of the Screen Industry Workers Act (SIWA) for screen contractors, who until SIWA came along in December 2023 had essentially no protections. TVNZ is one of […]

News Blues

Television is the bread and butter of the screen industry. More; What we see on our screens reflects who we are as a nation and its peoples. News and current affairs play a vital role in this, telling us what’s going on in our little corner of the world, as well as elsewhere. It informs, […]

A Dismal Failure By All Concerned

The proposal by Warner Bros. Discovery to shut Newshub highlights the dismal failure past and present by successive New Zealand governments, bureaucracy and those in the screen sector to grasp the seismic changes that have flowed through our wider industry across the last twenty years, exacerbated in large measure by the global tech giants and […]

The Cost of Screening

Greetings from DEGANZ for 2024! Currently overseas on a personal trip and headed back as I write this. I’ve had a couple of goes at this op-ed but still felt I wasn’t getting the tone right. As I reflect back on what has passed and what we face in 2024, it’s hard not to be […]

Still Crazy After All These Years

You’d have thought things might have settled after the COVID years. But, no, it’s still crazy. And what a year it’s been. The long mooted merger of TVNZ and RNZ finally fell over. The $60 million taken away from NZ On Air returned with an additional one-off $10 million. The New Zealand Screen Production Grant, […]