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Winter Ain’t Coming, It’s Here

House Stark could just as well have been referring to the long, cold chill settling on the domestic New Zealand screen industry right now, even though the Minister is single-handedly about to save Shortland Street, no doubt due to some serious prodding. But there’s a ray of sunshine that comes every winter in New Zealand, […]

New Zealand Film Is Alive And Well

I watched Loren Taylor’s directorial debut The Moon Is Upside Down the other night. For me, it’s a well-crafted film with quirky characters, very smart dialogue (both scripted and improvised), and comedy and depth in abundance, woven into an intriguing story. It was a 125 film, being a film financed at $1.25 million through an […]

A Sigh of Relief for Domestic and International

With the Youth-focused funding announced yesterday by NZ On Air, and the joint announcement of Scripted funding by NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho to a combined total of over $15 million dollars, there was an audible sigh of relief heard on the bleak New Zealand media landscape. This is an injection of revenue […]

Come Together! Right Now!

The current fight to protect employee jobs going on at TVNZ by union E tū highlights the importance of unions in the New Zealand screen industry, and the importance of the Screen Industry Workers Act (SIWA) for screen contractors, who until SIWA came along in December 2023 had essentially no protections. TVNZ is one of […]

News Blues

Television is the bread and butter of the screen industry. More; What we see on our screens reflects who we are as a nation and its peoples. News and current affairs play a vital role in this, telling us what’s going on in our little corner of the world, as well as elsewhere. It informs, […]