Auckland Pride Festival presents Proud Voices On-Screen

This half day event is for creators of film, series and documentary from queer, LGBTQIA+ and rainbow community. A section titled PROUD SHORTS features two short films directed by A.J.Greenwood, Individuality and Hunter.

The event also features a panel discussion with the creators of Rūrangi. Director, Max Currie (DEGNZ), alongside the film’s writer/producer, Cole Myers and producer, Craig Gainsborough, will discuss their experience enabling members of the transgender community to fill roles in front and behind the camera and their vision for the future of queer storytelling in Aotearoa.

Proud Voices on Screen is a new, non-profit organisation that aims to support and celebrate queer, LGBTQIA+, rainbow and takatāpui content creators and their screen content in Aotearoa.

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Last updated on 11 February 2021