A Local Film for Horror Genre Lovers: ‘God’s Favourites Fall Hardest’

Help DEGANZ member Brian Gill bring short film God’s Favourites Fall Hardest to life by supporting the project’s Boosted campaign. Brian is taking on multiple roles for the film as the editor and producer.

The short calls upon and pays homage to nunsploitation films, the Italian Giallo slasher murder-mystery genre, and other classic horror motifs. The 6-8 minute thriller follows an amnesiac nun working to uncover her church’s secrets against the efforts of a cult leader seeking psychological control.

While aiming to crowdfund $3,300 on Boosted, the team is also looking to various filmmaking grants, both locally and internationally. The support from the Boosted will go towards paying for the film’s shooting location (a classical Gothic church in Remuera Tāmaki Makaurau), hiring the camera department, and paying for unit and art department costs.

Boosted is all or nothing, so if the team doesn’t meet their goal, all funds return to donors. While high-risk, this strategy raises Boosted campaigns success rates by raising the stakes.

You can support Brian and the team by donating to the Boosted campaign or following them on Facebook and Instagram!

Last updated on 29 August 2023