Collaborate with distributors and exhibitors to bring an audience to your film.

DEGNZ introduces The Collaborators Series.

This is a series of panel discussions aimed at helping directors get the best from their front line collaborators, from development, through production and postproduction to finally getting the film in front of an audience.

Starting at the back end…

1. Find an Audience: Monetise Your Work
How to collaborate with distributors and exhibitors to bring an audience to your film.

When: Thursday 10 July 2014 7pm-8.30pm
Where: The Academy Cinemas, 44 Lorne Street, Auckland
Moderated by: Jasmin McSweeney, Marketing Manager, NZFC

Distributors Michael Eldred (Madman) and Elizabeth Trotman (Studio Canal) join exhibitor Chris Matthews (Event Cinemas) and IndieReign’s David White to demystify distribution and discuss new ways of working together to find an audience.

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Last updated on 17 June 2014

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Iconic Australian director Rolf de Heer will meet with four emerging New Zealand directors, who are members of the Guild, to talk through their projects and offer advice. The meetings will be one on one, for an hour, on the afternoon of Saturday 26th July, in Auckland. Rolf will read your script prior to meeting.

This is a fantastic opportunity to talk about your film with a vastly experienced and critically revered film maker, renowned for his generosity towards newcomers who are serious about their craft.
More info about Rolf here.

To apply:

Please submit to Lucy Stonex
Deadline: 6.00pm Thursday 26th June

  • A paragraph describing your film. (200 words max)
  • A paragraph saying why you want to meet Rolf. (200 words max)
  • 20 consecutive pages of your screenplay
  • Your full contact details

We’ll read these as quickly as possible and in the following few days will ask eight of you for full scripts, from which four projects will be selected.

This initiative is not intended for projects in early development, and sadly we are not in a position to offer script notes or to enter into correspondence with applicants whose projects are not selected. We wish you all the best though!


Last updated on 13 February 2018

Last updated on 24 April 2018

“Everything was fab. So so so impressed”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity. A great initiative for both actors and directors to play and network”

“Well structured and professionally run”

“I was able to explore the scene with enthusiastic actors and mentors and feel entirely okay about taking risks and making mistakes”


We had such a great time at our last Rehearsal Room event on April 05th.

A huge thank you to DEGNZ members- Cushla Dillon, Ghazaleh Golbakhsh and Richard Riddiford who joined as our talented directors, and of course thank you to the fabulous acting team from Equity- Alex MacDonald, Arlo Gibson, Sean O’Connor, Kevin Harty, Nathan Whitaker, Becky Kuek, Brie Hill and Simone Walker.

The Rehearsal Room brings together professional actors and directors in a safe, supportive environment to PRACTISE working with each other on scenes.
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Last updated on 13 February 2018

The Dark Horse is playing in Auckland at Rialto Cinemas on July 30th and we are thrilled to be bringing you a special Q&A session after the screening with writer/director James Napier Robertson and producer Tom Hern.

When: 6pm Wednesday 30 July 2014
Where: Rialto Cinemas, Newmarket
Moderated by Roseanne Liang (dir. Flat3, My Wedding and Other Secrets, Banana in a Nutshell)

Film Synopsis: One-time Maori speed-chess champ, Genesis Potini, lives with bi-polar disorder and must overcome prejudice and violence in the battle to save his struggling chess club, his family and ultimately, himself.

Film Talk at Rialto Cinemas is a place for film makers and film fans to meet. Each event is moderated by a filmmaker who is well placed to ask interesting questions about directing, acting, and story telling, and will involve the audience. These are enjoyable and friendly events.

Get your tickets here.

Last updated on 13 February 2018